Problems with PostgreSQL > pgAdmin > python dll

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    Hi - so I upgraded to Laragon 4 and used the quick install for PostgreSql. I added an empty database from pgAdmin and once I got it to allow me to click the "restore" button I tried restoring an existing database. (I'm new to PostgreSql)
    But I get an error dialog with "The program can't start because python36.dll is missing from your computer".
    I've restarted and then done a separate install of Python to the computer plus a restart, but same error.
    Any ideas?

    FYI: the quick install of PostgreSql seems to miss anything to do with setting a password, or showing a dialog to add one - I got stuck till I added my own "pgpass.conf" file in the PostgreSql directory.

    Thanks for the great work making Laragon!

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    Hi @anothername : I did not use the "restore" button. To restore database quickly, you should use psql in Terminal (Menu > Laragon > Terminal). The command is simple:

    psql my-database < path-of-my.sql

    PostgreSQL is secure in local (with pg_hba.conf), so you can login with no password with 2 users:

    • postgres
    • Your-Windows-Account (Laragon automatically creates it)

    Once you use PostgreSQL with Laragon, you'll find it is very easy to manage.

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    I can't get it to work when I try the terminal.

    is this correct:
    I place the backup in my laragon directory
    I go to that directory in the terminal, then:

    psql mydb.backup < db_name_I_previously_added_in_PgAdmin

    But I get
    psql: FATAL: database "mydb.backup" does not exist

    I also tried
    psql mydb.backup < data\mysql\mysql\postgresql-11\db_name_I_previously_added_in_PgAdmin

    Any ideas?

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    @anothername : You haven't create the mydb.backup database yet. Just create it:

    createdb mydb.backup

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    Right - it seems to work but there are no tables. So then I tried phpPgAdmin but that can't find the databases.
    It's a backup I've been sent but they say there are tables and data in there. I just want something simple like phpMyAdmin!

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    @anothername : I guess you may need DbVisualizer:

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    DB Visualiser doesn't allow import on the free version.
    I finally got phpPgAdmin to work.
    For other users: there's an updated fork that works better but I still had to edit the PHP for several things. Doesn't seem to be consistently maintained.

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    same issue with fresh installation.please fix it

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    Will db visualiser work in this?sc downloader guide i tried this was somewhat helful is it good?

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    solved this issue by using another version of postgresql.currently using 11.1.1 version and it worked with pgadmin and all.

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