Help sorting out Laragon and WAMP App versions

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    Okay, I'm feeling really stupid right now but after installing Laragon 4.0 I see it has it's own versions of Apache (2.4.35), PHP (7.2.11) and mySQL (5.7.24). I also have Wamp installed but before starting Laragon, I made sure that all Wamp versions were terminated. Yet, Laragon keeps starting the Wamp version of mySQL. I know this first as the old password works using phpMyAdmin but also all of my old databases are there.

    Now sharing the same version isnt the most terrible thing but not knowing is (having apps starting automatically and thinking one should be loading when a different version is. How is this managed with Laragon? Is there a .config file or using Windows PATH?

    Cheers, Billie

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    So the Laragon (dashboard?) reports: MySQL mysql-5.7.24-winx64 is started on port 3306:

    alt text

    But go to Windows services and it clearly shows that the WAMP version of MySQL is running:

    alt text

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    @billiemead :

    Yet, Laragon keeps starting the Wamp version of mySQL

    It's strange.

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