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    Hi, I use Laragon 4.0.2 with NodeJS.
    I ve also an portable version of Git. I use it through Git bash, works fine.

    I try to use ungit, I install it:

    npm install -g ungit

    • ungit@1.4.36

    Then, I try to launch ungit:


    But I ve this error:

    Error: Command failed: git --version
    'git' n'est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne

    There is a way to "tell" to NodeJS Where is the git portable version?

    Thx you for your help, and sorry for my basic english.

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    Thx to this post:

    I put git to laragon in:


    I restart laragon and now I can use Ungit!

    Thx to Laragon I <3 Windows more ^.^

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