Manage PATH and Code.exe for editor not working

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    @leokhoa I found above PATH added by laragon is responsible for this opened issue in vscode github :)

    So please remove the PATH for VS Code as VS Code already has a setting for adding code to PATH in the installation process. This is because in the location

    C:\Users\shivapoudel\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\

    There exists Code.exe file which is initiated everey time when command like code --version is execuated via terminal. This will be a trouble for all VS Code user if they use code command via terminal.

    My personal suggestion add laragon/<anything> directory related PATH environment but please don't mess with other Programs PATH to better handle as those programs already suggests you to either install or not PATH during the setup and maybe they can be installed later too. Currently I found VSCode and yarn setup over there, if possible please remove both of them and only keep what laragon installs.

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    If possible please release the Patch version for this ASAP :)

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    @shivapoudel : Laragon doesn't add the path for VS Code. I think you should check the OS Path for sure.

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    I debugged and found this is from laragon. Follow this steps to replecated this as a bug.

    1. First add VS Code as a editor in laragon.ini like this:
    Editor="C:\Users\shivapoudel\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe"
    1. Now you will preview laragon menu like this and exists VS Code only and notepad++ directory is removed by me in my system:
      alt text

    2. Now without any PATH set by laragon my PATH are:
      My current PATH

    3. After updating the path from laragon tool:
      After adding laragon path

    4. There are two extra PATH added one for VS Code and another for yarn bin folder.

    I don't think this both are necessary for me or us. Please remove those. I am damm sure it is added by laragon and is creating issue or so called difficulty :(

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    This post is deleted!

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    @shivapoudel : I see. The "Add to System Path" caused the issue. Let me check and get back to you soon.

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    @leokhoa I need this fix badly. Please suggest me how can I resolve this.

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    @shivapoudel : Actually, Laragon doesn't intend to add "Code" but the path may be on your user's PATH (not system PATH). For yarn, it is intended (because users may add yarn later in the future).

    You can fix them easily by yourself by removing them manually from your System PATH (also check User's PATH to make sure).
    The issue caused nuisance so I will check to avoid this issue in the future (such as avoiding paths with spaces,...)

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