Composer install memory problem - but PHP path is locked to another install

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    Having a problem updating Composer - it runs out of memory.

    What I've found is that Windows is using the PHP path for my install of XAMPP, even though XAMPP is not running and has not been run this startup.
    I added a new PHP path for the specific 7.2 install of PHP in Laragon.
    Then if I cd to that directory, do 'php ini get_memory' it shows me correct memory of -1.
    But if I cd to my project directory and try composer install, php ini is back at the XAMPP setting of old memory and old PHP version.
    (I need to keep this XAMPP install in place)

    How can I force it to stick with my new path?
    I tried setx command - and it works.. but doesn't stick.

    I figured I could change the XAMPP values, so I did, but it still runs out of memory (insert scratching head emoji..)

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    @anothername : You should remove XAMPP from your PATH:

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