Other hosts file entries got deleted.

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    Hi @leokhoa ,

    I recently found out that my hosts file only contains the virtual-hosts entries. I had other manually defined custom entries there, those all entries are nowhere to found.

    Ideally, the newly generated virtual hosts only should be overwritten and not the all of the hosts file. I consider this as a bug as this behavior is certainly not desired. I believe (if I am not wrong), the former versions of Laragon were not having such problem.

    So please fix this as soon as you can.

    Thank you. 😃🙏🏽

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    Hi @bantya : Laragon only changes lines marked Laragon magic! and respects changes from users.

    This is the design in the first place. I wonder why it happened. What's your current Laragon version?

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    I don't know how it happened but now after repopulating the host file and force quit-restarting the Laragon seems to work fine.

    I could't figure out how it happened as last time I could see just the Laragon entries then.

    Weird issue.

    By the way, I am using Laragon 4.0.

    Anyways, thanks @leokhoa.


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