Add Advance features to INDEX page

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    first of all i want to thanks @leokhoa for this great software, i'm loving it <3

    i was thinking how about we can get new features in our main index (web root) like view your projects list, app list like phpmyadmin etc and public urls (share urls) stuff like that :)

    maybe in next version ? @leokhoa

    i hope you people understand what im saying

    sorry for my bad english

    Anees Khan

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    @aneeskhan47 : Many thanks for your kind words. I think the index page should be kept simple.

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    Re: Add Advance features to INDEX page

    @leokhoa I do agree on keeping it simple but I suggest having the ability to add custom favorites. For example, instead of always right click to browse a tool that I use often, I could favorite it and it get's pinned to the main page. See a sketch examples. 0_1550146776243_upload-daf43509-5197-46de-bbdd-7d184a037df2
    A limit can be set to a max of 5 or 6.

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