Migrating Datadir long time initializing data

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    Hello, long term laragon user extremely happy with this wonderful tool for local dev.

    I am trying to move the datadir to dropbox / drive in order to keep in synch database among multiple laragon installations as suggested in some posts.

    I am not able to get the data initializing though, I have already a few databases in my local datadir so I have actually copied the whole data dir and pasted in dropbox at C:\Users\MYUSER\Dropbox\Lorenzo\Laragon\data and changed the setting accordingly.

    Now when I start laragon it takes a very long time initializing data which so far is not completing and I have to shut down laragon.

    If I know try to set back the default datadir behaves the same so I am currently unable to access my old data folder either.

    Using windows 10 latest update, using latest laragon 4.x

    Anyhelp on this process would be much appreciated.

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    @lorenzo1975 : Did you change the DataDir setting on Menu > Preferences also?

    Laragon should use the data there (not initialize)

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    Hi leokhoa happy new year, I have updated preferences but no result it is stuck on initiliazing data, so mysql will not start.


    I am doing more tests, so if I choose a new folder on dropbox it picks up the newly created data directory, but if I try to open an exsisting one I am still stuck on initializing data,

    What do you think it can be?

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    Ok, my mistake leokhoa and thanks for being on the ball 24/7! I have probably copied mysql folder two levels deep basically under data there is mongodb and mysql, in mysql I had another folder mysql with all the databases, I might have moved folder too quickly and screwed things up.

    I am sorry for the bother, everything looks great and can't be more happy to have databases synch via dropbox!

    Thanks Leokhoa, you rock as always.


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    @lorenzo1975 : I'm glad to hear it works :)

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