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    Hi, first off great work overall. Laragon seems like a very powerful tool.

    I'm wondering if there is simple way to allow my team to sync the configuration we need on our project (e.g. mysql version, php version, etc). Ideally if we could have some sort of config file in our git repo that would be awesome. Is this possible with Laragon?

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    @JTimNolan : Sure, it is very simple.
    Just use a Laragon instance as template (for example C:\laragon), then:

    1. Change the Data Dir and Document Root to another paths (outside C:\laragon, for example C:\dev)
    2. Push C:\laragon to a git repos.

    That's all.
    This way, you team not only share the same settings but also use the same binaries.

    You can refer my github to be sure that it will work:

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