Mails are created only in .txt format

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    I'm having issues sending mail via mail() native script (I'm in a very restrictive environment and I can't use other stuff)
    The emails are created, but with a .txt extension and they are not more than To, Subject and headers parameters followed by the HTML message
    I also installed MailHog with no luck (mails are always saved in the output folder with a .txt extension, and they are not "forwarded" to MailHog)
    I haven't installed any mail client (as I said, the environment is restrictive), can this be the cause?


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    @ivanhalen Maybe you can elaborate on how restrictive your environment is. Can you use the PHPMailer() class (adding the sources to your project), do you have access to a smtp mail server to apply authentication? The standard PHP Mail() function is considered unsafe and easily abused for sending spam.

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