File download speeds insanely slow.

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    Hi, I've been using Laragon for a couple months now for a personal project but I also use it to transfer files remotely to different devices in my network.

    For file transfers I just put the file I want to transfer in a folder inside the www dir and then access it to download from another device.

    On the side I also host a web application for my personal project that loads and uploads files flawlessly while connected from an external network.

    The problem is when I try to download a file from the server in an external network the download is extremely slow (~5kbps) so much that it seems to be stalled. I used both direct http file transfer and PHP readfile() function both with same result.

    Worth to note both the external network and mine can handle 5mbps upload and download speeds in other circumstances and also the web documents load at what seems to be much faster speeds.

    I'm still researching but about to give up on the project. I'd like some help. Thanks in advance.

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    @Milanesa-chan : Can you provide some images?

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    I'm not entirely sure what I should send as an image, but I made some diagnostics and found a more broad error.

    The problem is not even in my computer, it's port 80 which is slow. Ran the server on port 8080 and the downloads achieve max speeds.

    To wrap it up, my port 80 seems to be the only port that can't output more than 4 kbps, all the other ones can get 100 times that. I know this is not related to Laragon but I also know there are people with a lot of experience in the subject. Could this be my ISP throttling my port 80? (What I'm asking is if they have control over this).

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