Regenerate SSL certificate with modified auto.openssl.conf

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    Hello all,

    I'm doing something a bit different so it might not be supported, I'm trying to specify an exact domain in the auto.openssl.conf so it's picked up as a SAN (Subject Alternative Name).

    I've already added my own permanent conf in apache's sites-enabled, but I'm having trouble generating a proper certificate was hoping there might be a way to just tack on a custom domain in the auto.openssl.conf.

    Let me know if I can further clarify, and thank you for any help.

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    Ended up following the instructions here on how to generate a new certificate, was able to copy and paste using WSL

    Then just modified my custom conf file in laragon/bin/apache/sites-enabled to use the new certificate.

    Laragon does it's job great alongside of now hosting my custom modifications. Thanks!

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    @gjrdiesel : Glad that you found your solution.
    Here is another Laragon-way which may be helpful to you:

    1. Open the template file: "C:\laragon\usr\tpl\openssl.conf.tpl"
    2. Add your custom domain below [alt_names]:
    DNS.2 = my-domain

    That's all. Laragon will auto detect and generate proper auto.openssl.conf when you reload.
    Hope it helps.



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    I figured there was a way just couldn't put the pieces together, thank you for listing that though.

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