Service Apache can not start (Apache 2.4.38 x64 vc15 + PHP 7.2.11 Win 32 x64 vc15)

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    I am trying to upgrade my Apache to 2.4.38 by following the tutorial here .
    (I successfully manage to do this with PHP just a minute ago).

    But when I switch to the new Apache version, here is the error I have:
    0_1549897031245_2019-02-11 15_56_45-Window.png

    And here is what I have installed:
    0_1549897083355_2019-02-11 15_57_42-Window.png

    Any clue?

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    Move all from 'Apache24' to 'httpd-2.4.38-win64-VC15' to me working

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    Thanks, but I already did this :(
    0_1550063485354_2019-02-13 14_11_04-httpd-2.4.38-win64-VC15.png

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