Setting Up SSL In Laragon SSLPassPhraseDialog Error

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    Hi ;

    I am trying to setup https for my website I had done all the necessary step and in my localhost i am able to run my site in https without any issue. But i still get error as my cert is not sign or endorsed yet.

    In the process of generating a certificate signing request I am requested by the cert signing party to include a pass phrase to protect the key.

    However i notice that if i generate a private key with pass phrase when i start up my apache service i will get an error. In my error log it say ;

    SSLPassPhraseDialog builtin is not supported on Win32

    I am using Laragon version 0.9 151004, php 5.6.20 and apache 2.4.16 VM Window Server : 2012 R2

    I had google about this SSLPassPhraseDialog issue and some site mentioned that pass phrase dialog is not support in Windows Server

    Appreciate someone can advice me how i can do this.

    Many thanks

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    @teojerah : You don't need to input passphrase (even in production, using passphrase will add much of maintenance time).
    @Kurre had a very good post about SSL setup. I myself find it very helpful:

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    I do not have a choice as it a customer requirement.

    Anyway i manage to get pass this by adding the following in my httpd.conf setting ;

    SSLPassPhraseDialog "exec:C:/laragon/bin/apache/apache-2.4.16/conf/ssl/passphrase.bat"

    Inside the passphrase.bat you can add the following ;

    @echo passphrase (passphrase refer to the password you had set in the key)

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    @teojerah : If it is a must, I think your solution is the best one :)

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