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    Hi everyone. I really think this is one of the best Forums sites I have visited. All the answers are coherent and with results.

    I have a new doubt. As I said in other posts, I'm following a Laravel course. I see the professor test the site usin PHPUNIT directly from its terminal. He uses Mac, I use Windows. And for me, the use of PHPUNIT is too complicated . I need to put my entire route where is located phpunit.bat and my entire route where is the file to be tested, like this:
    λ phpunit C:\laragon\www\MYSITE\tests\Feature\UserModuleTest.php
    I'm wondering if there are a most confortable way for me.

    Thanks a lot again.

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    @Thunder-Cuba : Just install phpunit globally:

    composer global require "phpunit/phpunit=5.4.*"

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    HI, I forgot to tell I'm behind a corporate proxy, and as I supposed this solution not worked for me. See the error when I type your command:

    The "" file could not be downloaded: failed to open stream: Se produjo un error durante el int
    ento de conexi�n ya que la parte conectada no respondi� adecuadamente tras un periodo de tiempo, o bien se produjo un error en la cone
    xi�n establecida ya que el host conectado no ha podido responder.

    Waiting for any ideas.. Thanks

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