Suggestion, add custom commands to execute on start

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    I have a suggestion for laragon.

    I use two computers and I have both to core with laragon on my dropbox.
    On one computer, My dropbox is in C, and on the other is in E, to be able to work.

    Before I start working, I have two options

    • edit the nging enabled sites conf with my new path (each time i work on the other computer)
    • Create a symlink for a virtual disk on one of my computers with that command subst E: %userprofile%

    This symlink creates a new virtual drive E, to my local C profile, where dropbox is synced.
    With the symlink, Laragon can search files on E, when they actually are on C, but with this, i don't have to update my nginx conf file.

    With all this i want to say, that i would be cool if I could add that command to a list of commands to be executed automatically by laragon when I start the program.


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    @gsabater : You don't need to do anything. Each time Laragon starts, it will correct paths for you like magic!

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    Hello @leokhoa

    I think I have poorly worded my case.
    My project is not in C:/Laragon/www, my project is in an external folder, and I set the root folder in the nginx .conf file with root "E:/Dropbox/Github/MyProj/public/";

    That line is not automatically updated (obviously), and I solve this by creating the symlink I posted on my previous post.
    The symlink is removed at each restart, and I would like to automate that.


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    @gsabater : I see your point. Laragon's Procfile feature can help you:

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