Multiple domains per "app" via UI

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    It would be awesome if there was an easy way via the UI to add more domains for 1 app. This way especially when dealing with multisite WordPress installations we could add as many domains as we like to map them to that installation.

    Currently the only way to do that is by manually editing the apache .confs + adding the domains into the hosts file.

    Some times this is overwhelming as there are many "resets" going on between dev environments and everything has to be set up by scratch.


    If this wouldn't be possible via UI, would there be maybe a different more "automated" process of doing it?

    For example a script that would:
    1] Setup a new app as "multisite"
    2] Install WordPress
    3] Bind extra domains on this app such as: multi1.test, multi2.test so on so forth ( so practically the hosts file + apache conf would be automatically updated as well to make this work ? :) )


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    @mrxkon : Gotchas - I will consider it.

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    Thanks @leokhoa ! Tell me if you need any further information or if I can help on testing anything etc, I'll be happy to do it :)

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    This is indeed a very nice one same as the reversed proxy.

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    @mrxkon , @fysioski : I am going to add an alias directive for "Quick app". Something like this:

    WordPress= alias=domain1,domain2,domain3

    domain1: is a fully qualified domain name (FQDN): such as multi1.test or

    When the top level domain is equal to the hostname format (in Menu > Preferences), Laragon will add hosts entry for the domain.
    What do you think?

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    Sounds like a plan @leokhoa if that's a way to go! Can't wait to test it / check it out :D

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    perfect. Cant wait to test.

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