[Tutorial] How to add Wordpress project using composer/bedrock

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    It's easy. Here how:

    1. Open "Quick app > Configuration..."
    2. Add this line:
    WordPress BedRock=composer create-project roots/bedrock %s  
    1. Now, you can create your project "Quick app > WordPress Bedrock"

    That's all.

    After installing, remember to update .env file
    Note: if you project name is bedrock, Laragon will create a database bedrock so your .env will look like below:


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    Thank you @leokhoa. Did you try installing and activating any plugins via composer aftewards? When I add and install for example Timber composer require timber/timber and activate it via WP CLI - it won't, because the plugins folder is completely empty. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    Screen: https://i.imgur.com/vcqp2Qd.png
    composer.json: https://pastebin.com/Rcsmt77E

    I followed your steps, just installed a quick app with the new setup.

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