Simulate Cron Jobs & artisan commands

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    Hi, first of all thanks for this awsome work.

    • As you know seting CRON jobs are pain on windows. Is there a way to make it easy with laragon?

    • And for example on laravel you can create queue's as you know,
      When you want to use need to run artisan command(s) and in real world example (as far as i know) on linux systems you need to set up supervisor service's for this type of things.

    If is it possible laragon has able to handle with these it would be awsome ?

    Again thanks for awsome work.
    God Bless You. <3

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    @akcan :

    1. I think Laragon can simulate cron job
    2. Can you provide more specific info for artisan commands?

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    Hi, thanks for your attention;

    About artisan commands,
    When you created neccesarry files for queue system we need to run php artisan queue:work command from terminal and it runs continusly.

    this provides processing for queues.

    More details can be find here:

    There are some variations about this commands like

    php artisan queue:work --tries=3
    php artisan queue:work --once
    php artisan queue:work --timeout=30

    i know i can open up terminal and can run these commands but i use laragon as a production tool so when server restarted these commands stops.

    And these must be run after apache/mysql start and the location of artisan file is project root of laravel.

    For example
    if i create a project in C:\laragon\www\someproject folder these artisan must be work in the someproject folder.

    i hope i can explain (non english person)

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    @akcan : Nice - your answer is very detailed. Good news is Laragon had the feature 2 years ago :)

    The answer is Procfile (Menu > Laragon > Procfile)
    In your case, just put:

    SomeProject Queue=php artisan queue:work --tries=3 autorun pwd=C:\laragon\www\someproject

    Take note in autorun, pwd


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    This was pretty awsome before this post i have no idea about that has been implemented :)

    because of the name of the system name i have never clicked that button called "Procfile - What is it?" (my bad)

    You are awsome <3

    Thanks for everythnig.

    Ps: with this feature could we set the cron jobs ? i check the heroku doc but can't find the details about that.

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