localhost:8000 no working

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    i had problem to connect,laravel can't work.
    when i write localhost laragon work ,and when i write localhost:8000
    does not work.

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    Laragon creates a virtual domain for you its simply your project folder name with default .test extention

    you can check it with right click on laragon icon > tools > edit drivers\etc\hosts

    if you want you can change the tdl from laragon options.

    And please check https://laragon.org/

    Pretty URLs
    Work with your "app" using this nice, short, beautiful url:
    instead of http://localhost/app

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    nothing has changed.
    when I start my laravel project I tap into the cmd; I write php artisan serve and it gives me, when I write it in the browser. he does not give me laravel's page, it's only waiting and thank you.

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