Error (and quick fix) when trying to set up a Laravel 5 (5.2) project

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    There is no bug reports category here, so I apologize if I shouldn't post this in General Discussion.

    After I entered the name of my new project and composer finished downloading everything, the following message appeared:

    "Error: Could not create project "test". Please try again!"

    I couldn't find a solution online so I started looking for anything that could be causing the error.

    After a while I found the following code in (laragon folder)\bin\laragon\(project's name).code:

    $version_file = 'D:/lamp/www/test/vendor/laravel/lumen-framework/src/Application.php';
    if (!file_exists($version_file)) {

    And it turns out that file doesn't exist (the "lumen-framework" folder you see there doesn't exist either).

    I could (quickly) fix this by removing the "!" inside the if statement and executing "php test.code" in the console (after CDing to the proper location).

    I'm using Laragon 1.0 (downloaded today, 2015-12-22).

    PS: I manually edited the "hosts" file to make the domain work.

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    @aintdiego : Eagle eyes :). Thanks, I will update Laragon follow.

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