Feature request: Laragon configuration PROFILES

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    Can you consider adding configuration profiles to Laragon, and a simple way to change between them?

    Imagine this cenario:

    In my WWW laragon folder i have two diferent projects, which unfortunately are not on the same PHP/MYSQL/APACHE/Whatever versions.

    To work on each, i have to remember to first, change ALL those versions to the correct ones prior to access the site.

    Could you make some sort of PROFILE available, that when we change it, also uses the laragon configuration associated.

    Im guessing that if I have diferent LARAGON configuration file laragon.ini, i can excange them via a batch file.

    But why not implement this directly on the LARAGON binary?

    Do any of you see this as a usefull feature or is it just me?

    Waiting your feedback.

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    @joseborges : The easiest way is using 2 instances of Laragon.

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    leokhoa administrators Apr 2, 2019, 6:08 AM | 111077 points

    @joseborges: You are right. And what about a command line option --ini=otherconfig.ini ?

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    True that!!!!!!

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