Why is my page at localhost/project different to project.test?

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    I have a little problem with pretty URLs paired with the normal localhost on Wordpress.

    If I create a WP project by using the Quick app feature everything is great and I get a pretty URL

    Than I went to my Pretty URL (eg. project.test) and install WP as usualy. If I went on localhost/projet now I get a 404 Error into my WP site. That's the first way.

    If I install WP under the URL localhost/project and then go on project.test I get presentation problems

    On localhost/project it looks like this:
    (I've deleted this Dropbox Link)

    On project.test it looks like this:
    (I've deleted this Dropbox Link)

    I add the Blue circles to present the problem to you...

    The little errow is a icon from Font Awesome.

    On another project where I installed WP by the pretty URL it seems like localhost cant get a connection to the full style.css

    Do you know how to fix my problem? Do you need more information? Is it the right category?
    I'm very new on Laragon but it's great...

    I shared Dropbox Links to the images with you because I don't know how to embed images here...

    Greetings from Germany

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    @onissen : Wordpress has a dependency on base url when managing assets. Therefore, after installing, you should use project.test consistently.

    Btw, there is a project called bedrock which has modern structure for Wordpress. You can give it a try:

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    @leokhoa So when I install WP in project.test it'll only work in project.test and the other way around, when I install WP in localhost it'll only work in localhost, right?

    What does this little tool do? Is it an alternative to WP? Does it only change directories so that I can use WP in localhost and project.test

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