How to change Virtual Host Alias

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    I created a new Wordpress website using the Quick App->Wordpress using {name}.com as my alias domain this worked great. Now, trying to understand how Laragon creates these Virtual Host entries / alias I tried to manually change '.com' to '.test' but was not able to get it to work.

    Here is what I tried:

    • Updated auto file name and content - changed name of file to auto.example.test
      #ServerAlias *
      ServerName example.test
      ServerAlias *.example.test

    • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc/hosts
      # #laragon magic! example.test #laragon magic!

    • phpmyadmin: Wordpress vars
      siteurl: http://example.test
      home: http://example.test

    How are we able to change the Virtual Host alias after the fact?

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    There is a much easier way I think:
    If you go to the Laragon settings, there is a point "Virtual Host" and you can type another URL Endung. For example project.test instead oft

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    Not able to find a setting / preference for Virtual Host could someone please break down the steps to change a Virtual host from .com to .test after creating an alias?

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    I think if yoo go to Menu > Preferences you see the point for Virtual Host in the General card below. if you change the value from {name}.com to {name}.test it'll work. Just reload the www directory and test it....
    See this documentation entry:

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    Haven't had a chance to try this as my local environment isn't working any longer.

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