Laragon keeps freezing on Services Stop / Quick Create Download

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    I am using Laragon Full Apache 2.2.2 170214 php-7.1.1-Win32-VC14-x86.
    My laragon suddenly just keeps freezing each time I click Stop after Starting Services.
    This also happens if I do a Quick Create.
    I have tried reinstalling and tried Laragon Lite and Portable and it still happens. I'm not sure what is wrong. Any ideas to resolve this?

    One more thing, If I try to access localhost, Laragon is loaded in localhost even though I haven't started Laragon services. Is this normal?

    Edit 1: Note: I'm on Windows 10 x64
    Edit 2: Tried reinstalling Laragon Full 4.0.12 190228 php-7.1.1-Win32-VC14-x86 again on top of the current one. Laragon started freezing(not responding) right after opening it.

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    @rayorlana : It is not normal. There must be another service running on your localhost on port 80.

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