possible bug: can't change mysql datadir

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    I can't change mysql datadir,
    Laragon always creates a new directory called "Mariadb".
    in setting / preferences, I add the custom "data dir"
    d: \ mysqldata
    then Laragon automatically adds
    d: \ mysqldata \ mariadb
    is the "datadir" folder required to use the name "mariadb"?

    • note: I also tried changing the mysql my.ini config,
      but it didn't work Laragon automatically changed the dir data again "../maraidb"

    I use

    • Windows 10
    • laragon .zip portable
    • mariadb latest version
    • nginx

    many thanks for this great product...

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    @masterseoonline : Yes, Laragon has database switch feature: you can switch between MariaDB & MySQL versions. The subdir is to prevent data collision.

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    solved: thanks for quick replay
    maybe on the first try I was lucky, I could put the database data in "custom_folder"
    I have never turned off my PC for months,
    when I restarted for the first time I thought my database was missing.
    it turns out that's the reason ...
    thank you everything is clear now

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