Just saying thank you!

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    I'm using laragon for over an year now and finally i'm here to say that Thank You so much for creating this awesome piece of software. And as mentioned before, this is a life savior and @leokhoa is a true Hero.

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    Saying Thank You From :flag_ge:
    I started Web-development on Denver (which was the biggest nightmare I'v ever had). Same as other Guys here I continued on Xampp. We know it`s not comfortable everytime we need to change HOSTs for new projects right ))
    I found then OpenServer and thought it was The Fastest and Handiest ever...
    Even OpenServer is bit Hard to configure. I always wanted to know how Could I share My Projects through web - Without Ports , Firewalls , Antivirus ect...
    Laragon Changed the way I was thinking about The WebServers.
    Thank You So Much

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    Just saying thank you too. This is a amazing tool !

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    Laragon... The best by far :wink: :fire:

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    Thank you to everyone who contributed to Laragon :clap:

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    I am a french novice user, and i am grateful for your work! I used to install wamp but it was difficult. Thanks to a tutorial by Grafikart, i was able to configure everything and launch my website. Easy way, thank you again from France !

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    Another warm thank you!
    Laragon saved my back when I discovered it last year, and I can't imagine not having it now. It's brilliant and saves a huge amount of time. Also, I would mention that the support in the forum is invaluable, I'm always confident about the fact that any problem I encounter can be solved.

    Is there anything in place to accept contributions? I would gladly make a small voluntary donation, if that could help pay for the servers, for example.

    Thanks again for the hard work!

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