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    I was using Xampp for local development until about a year ago when I found Laragon & I haven't looked back since. This is seriously the most powerful local development tool I have in my entire "developer toolkit".
    I started working for a new company about 2 months ago & their entire team was using various setups for local dev and were always encountering problems. Setting up a new project locally was always a nightmare for them due to mysql version conflicts, having to change php versions, etc. When I introduced Laragon to them, they were amazed at how easy it was to install, maintain and how flexible it was to update/switch their dependencies. My manager told me that since the team has started using Laragon for local dev, project setup time has gone down from an average of 6 HOURS, to less than 30 mins. AMAZING.
    In the opensource community, people sometimes forget the amount of time, effort and hard work that goes into creating something like this. So the reason why I'm posting this is just to say thank you to @leokhoa for developing & maintaining such an incredible piece of software. Your amazing efforts are very much appreciated!

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    Thank you so much for your kind words @eddielee394!
    I am so happy that you and your company find Laragon amazing. Laragon has many gems inside its solid architecture. I will make an article to introduce its architecure (containerized, portable, fault-tolerant, extensible,...) when having time.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to share your good experience on Laragon here. I will make the content of your post accessible on laragon.org's homepage. It will definitely help newcomers.

    People are easy-forgotten. There are more than half of million downloads of Laragon so far but not so many given credits (738 github stars: https://github.com/leokhoa/laragon).
    However, I am glad that Laragon is used by users like you. Cheers!

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    I must second this thank you. The more I use Laragon the more I love it for it's speed and ever growing set of features. It makes local development exponentially faster and it's just so fast. Add to that what has to be the easiest way to backup/move ANY piece of software - simply copy and paste ;-) - and you've got a brilliant tool. And did I mention it's completely free?!

    Thanks Leo for creating Laragon and for sharing it free. We appreciate your time, effort and excellent product.

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    I'll add a 3rd thank you. I've tried almost everything on Windows - Xampp, DesktopServer, Local by Flywheel, VVV and other various servers run with VirtualBox and Vagrant. I would choose Laragon over those options any day. It's more stable, faster, comes with more features, has better support, and is just as easy to configure & use if not easier in most cases. Thanks!

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    I want to thank you too for this amazing app, it helped me a lot during my training. So easy to use, I could focus on real code problems, and not on server configuration !
    Now I have my developper degree, I work on web apps, and I still use laragon to do the job.
    So, a thousand times thanks to you, I'll try to get the same sharing spirit when I will be able to build something interesting for others :)

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    I have used so many other softwares like autoset, uniform etc., for creating local webservers and laragon simply beats them all at everything. Huge Thank You for creating this software @leokhoa . I have starred your on github as a token of appreciation and will spread the word for sure.. Thank you once again for an awesome job.

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    Realmente o laragon é incrível, me ajudou muito no desenvolvimento web local. Os meus muitos parabéns Leokhoa
    Especialmente na facilidade de configurar o mail() e os virtuais host,
    Hoje praticamente consigo programar em php em qualquer lugar, qualquer computador com apenas um click
    att: Devgonga - Angola Developers
    Laragon forever

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    Thank to Laragon.

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    Yes, thank you for Laragon. I keep discovering wonderful goodies. Laragon rocks.

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