Just saying thank you!

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    I'm using laragon for over an year now and finally i'm here to say that Thank You so much for creating this awesome piece of software. And as mentioned before, this is a life savior and @leokhoa is a true Hero.

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    Saying Thank You From :flag_ge:
    I started Web-development on Denver (which was the biggest nightmare I'v ever had). Same as other Guys here I continued on Xampp. We know it`s not comfortable everytime we need to change HOSTs for new projects right ))
    I found then OpenServer and thought it was The Fastest and Handiest ever...
    Even OpenServer is bit Hard to configure. I always wanted to know how Could I share My Projects through web - Without Ports , Firewalls , Antivirus ect...
    Laragon Changed the way I was thinking about The WebServers.
    Thank You So Much

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    Just saying thank you too. This is a amazing tool !

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    Laragon... The best by far :wink: :fire:

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    Thank you to everyone who contributed to Laragon :clap:

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    I am a french novice user, and i am grateful for your work! I used to install wamp but it was difficult. Thanks to a tutorial by Grafikart, i was able to configure everything and launch my website. Easy way, thank you again from France !

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    Another warm thank you!
    Laragon saved my back when I discovered it last year, and I can't imagine not having it now. It's brilliant and saves a huge amount of time. Also, I would mention that the support in the forum is invaluable, I'm always confident about the fact that any problem I encounter can be solved.

    Is there anything in place to accept contributions? I would gladly make a small voluntary donation, if that could help pay for the servers, for example.

    Thanks again for the hard work!

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    I, too, wish to share my gratitude for this jewel of a software product. I'd been using another tool when I found Laragon (about three months ago) and there's been no looking back. I develop web apps and sites both for my day job and as a side hustle, and Laragon is right there with me for every step. Thank you so much for this killer tool... it saves me so much time, every day.

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    For the past few years I've been using Local by Flywheel and its successor Local Lightning, but I was never really happy with these tools. My main complaint with LbF and Lightning is that both are unbelievably slow. LbF both in start-up of the application and working with the website. Lightning is quick in starting the application, but then the 'lightning' stops: working on development websites is just as slow, if not slower, compared to LbF.

    And then I found your solution Laragon. WOW! It has everything, and I really mean everything I want from a local website development tool. Including all things that Flywheel is struggling to implement: install all kinds of environments: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Laravel, incl. a blank one, easily change back-and-forth between PHP versions, MySQL versions, and even phpMyAdmin versions. And above all: lightning fast.

    I can only say: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I'll never look back at Flywheel's Local.

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    Thank you Leo, you bring back fun to development.

    Background story, I started learning web development 11 years ago and I think I've managed to learn a lot. For some reasons, however, I stopped developing 5 years ago. A couple of months ago a friend asked for help and just a little while before that I found Laragon (I can't remember how) and grew a little love for it.

    My love grow bigger due to the fact that I can manage all the local servers I need using Laragon, without extra registry that is the feature of Windows (thus the slow boot up and Windows performance). Btw I am on an old laptop, dual boot Windows 7 / Ubuntu 18 LTS, yet I spend more time on Windows for recreational purposes.

    To give a picture, I had installed Java, Node (I am starting learning it) and Composer independently before I found Laragon. I thought I will give the old route of installing XAMPP. I had also tried chocolatey. But once I learn the power of Laragon I wish it had existed many, many years ago.

    Without further ado, for now I can only simply offer thank you.

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    THANK YOU is not enough at all !!!
    I've found it after searching this morning for an alternative to WAMP/XAMPP/DesktopServer/Local...
    Laragon is REALLY fast, unobtrusive, dead simple, and highly customizable !
    Leo, you're a hero !

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    @leokhoa Just gave you a star on gituhub. Great job with Laragon. Thank you really is not enough.

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    This is a great app, seems like full package. Easy to add and switch to used desired version of app(e.g. MySQL and PHP). A combination of all great app for dev.

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    Many many thanks! Please continue development:heart_eyes:

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    Just to add my thanks, too. I'm still discovering all that Laragon can offer having been a long term XAMPP user, but the ability to add new versions of PHP alone is worth the change.

    @leokhoa said in Just saying thank you!:

    but not so many given credits (738 github stars:

    Maybe that's because the website sends people to SourceForge to download and many people don't even know of the GitHub repo?

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    Please don't get covid Leo

    stay safe. you are a gem.

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    99999+ thanks to laragon

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    Thanks @leokhoa. Working with laragon is a delight. Looking forward to Linux version!

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    Also, I want to thank you all who take your time to contribute here, I lost count how many times I came here looking for an answer and it's been already solved before.

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