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    It would be very nice if you could expand the list of laragon's cli commands with:

    • stop a single service laragon stop apache or laragon stop mysql or laragon stop (stop all)
    • start a single service laragon start apache or laragon start mysql or laragon start (start all)
    • change package versions (php, apache, mysql) laragon switch php "php-version-directory"

    I did a test by changing the value of [php] Version = php-xxx directly in laragon.ini and launching the command laragon reload or laragon reload apache, but php remains in the previous version until I click on reload button in the main window aside the apache version, even though the notification above the clock shown that the apache service has been restarted.

    I hope my feedback can help you to improve this great app.

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    @risingphoenix : Many thanks for your suggestions. I will add them to my TODO list :)

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    I'm trying to do the same as OP, but I experience a different issue.
    The script below works as intended, except that it pauses when running laragon reload apache.
    An extra Laragon icon then shows up in my system tray.
    When I click the new icon, the "Apache Reloaded!" message appears, and the script continues running.
    I'm using Laragon Full 4.0.14 on Windows 10.

    @echo off
    SET version=%1
    SET VC=14
    :: Set Apache and PHP version
    IF %version%==7.1 (
        SET version=7.1.5
    ) ELSE (
        IF %version%==7.2 (
        SET version=7.2.16
        SET VC=15
        ) ELSE (
            IF %version%==7.3 (
                SET version=7.3.3
                SET VC=15
            ) ELSE (
                IF %version%==5.6 (
                    SET version=5.6.40
                    SET VC=11
                ) ELSE (
                    echo Unknown version %version%
                    EXIT /B 1
    SET PHP_VERSION=php-%version%-Win32-VC%VC%-x64
    SET APACHE_VERSION=httpd-2.4.35-win64-VC15
    IF %VC%==14 SET APACHE_VERSION=httpd-2.4.27-win64-VC14
    IF %VC%==11 SET APACHE_VERSION=httpd-2.4.38-win64-VC11
    :: Update laragon.ini
    SET INI_PATH=%laragon_root%\usr\laragon.ini
    sed -e "s/Version=php-.*/Version=%PHP_VERSION%/g" -e "s/Version=httpd-.*/Version=%APACHE_VERSION%/g"  %INI_PATH% > %INI_PATH%.tmp
    mv %INI_PATH%.tmp %INI_PATH%
    :: Restart Laragon
    %laragon_root%\laragon reload apache
    :: Reload environment variables
    EXIT /B 0

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