Images not loading - relative or direct

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    This started with WAMP. MAMP also did it. Laragon does the same thing. I assume this is something to do with Apache itself?

    Images are not loading for me.


    img src="images/facebook_icon.png"

    This shows up as a broken image when loading the page. If I go to the image directly, I get a black page with a tiny square in the middle of the page. No image though.

    Can someone please help me figure this out? It is driving me nuts.

    Additionally, these images load just fine when I upload the same structure to my actual web server.


    I noticed, when tailing the Apache access.log, I am getting HTTP 206 responses on my images. Why would that be?

    UPDATE 2

    I realized my FTP client was transferring in ASCII format. I switched to auto, downloaded my images again, and everything is working now.

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    @thelavender : I'm glad that you found the issue. Cheers!

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