I want to remove the index.php from URL in CodeIgniter in Laragon Environment.

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    I have edited the .htaccess file in CodeIgniter and applied a rule; it as expected working in a web environment setup using WampServer but fails when using Laragon.

    The problem may be with the Laragon environment but I don’t know how to fix it.

    How can I make it work in a Laragon environment?

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    @Tufail-uet : Could you please provide more information:

    1. Is Apache the same?
    2. What rule you applied?
    3. What is the error message in Apache's error.log?

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    1. I have Uninstall wamp and then install laragon, so the laragon has it's own apache.
    2. I have applied all rules which is needed to remove index.php from URL in codeIgniter, like changing in .htaccess code, and changning $config['index_page'] = " " in config.php file.
    3. I haven't look for the errors, but I don't get error, I want to remove this index.php.

    Let me give you example:
    a) localhost/ci_testing/index.php/ci_controller => this is working in laragon
    b) localhost/ci_testing/ci_controller => this is not working in laragon

    While both (a and b) works in Wamp

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    @Tufail-uet : 1. What I mean is the same version of Apache or not.
    I guess Laragon uses a newer Apache version which need proper .htaccess configuration.

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    @leokhoa I have checked the versions, Both apache version are 2.4.27

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