Apache start - libssh2.dll icuuc62.dll are missing

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    I installed new build of Laragon (08/05), and when starting apache, got this:
    " apache cannot be started as libssh2.dll icuuc62.dll are missing "
    Why this error appeared? ( there were no such problems with previous build )
    My system Windows 7 64 bit
    And where to go, what to seek, what to install, what to do?

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    @dizer : I guess there is a collision between .dll libraries of Apache & PHP.
    You can fix this by adding new Apache & PHP:

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    Dear dizer:

    I also ran into this problem.

    But for me it was that the files libssh2.dll and icuu63.dll are missing.

    The funny thing about it is, that the first time I ran into this issue I tired to add php 7 and Apache 2.4 to Laragon Portable.
    This threw the error message complaining about said files. Then I searched the web and found your post here. I read the answer of leokhoa and read the text in his linked pages. But since this is what I had done in the first place to get Apache and php 7 for the portable version of Laragon, I gave up.

    OK, I thought, I don't like installed programs but for something as great as Laragon, I will install Laragon Lite.

    After installing Laragon Lite, rebooting of my computer and running Laragon, I again was greeted with the error messages claiming that the files libssh2.dll and icuu63.dll are missing.

    It's a pity that something like two missing dlls prohibits the use of a very interesting WAMP stack.

    So I guess I have to stay with Uniform Server, but I still would like to give Laragon a try.

    By the way: I'm running Windows 8.1.

    Best regards,

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    Dear AfraidOfServers, recently I started to use Laragon again after a break period, I've installed its latest version and, when starting Apache, again faced an almost the same problem.
    The following errors were reported:

    "The enter point of SSL_CTX_set_ciphersuites is not found"
    "the icuuc63.dll is missing"

    Well, I went to Apache and PHP developers sites, downloaded and installed the latest versions of them.
    Now when starting Apache everything seems to work well..
    I suppose, to avoid compatibility issues and conflicts, one should update apache, php and nginx releases to latest and fixed versions.


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