How to configure multiple instance of Laragon?

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    I'm using laragon for development & staging purpose locally instead of servers, as my work involves huge changes/updations and lot more.

    I have played well with just one instance at a time for individual system, and hence not working for me. As, same project even with multiple database exists in my www directory, and backups is more than individual projects, in short i screwed up while which change i need to push to staging.

    What I decided is, to configure at least configure 2 instance of laragon, both in different drives named as dev & prod. As name suggests, dev is for alpha & beta and prod is for staging (rc) tests which i will manually update from dev drive beta.

    To not get screwed this time, I want to name hostname as {name}.dev and {name}.prod. I tested and both are working. But issues exist with hostnames. I made sure that hosts file is being updated for both whenever laragon starts. But still, I'm not able to access {name}.dev while i can access {name}.prod.

    PS: For {name}.dev i can access project via url localhost/project1/ but not as

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    @asharamseervi : You should not use .dev, please check my announcement here:

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    Hello @leokhoa,

    Thanks man. It helped and now working fine.

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