Could not find driver when using sqlite

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    Hi, am currently new on using laragon and am working on a project using laravel.
    Trying to build this project using TDD and when I tried to run a test it gives me an error.

    1. Tests\Feature\ProjectsTest::a_user_can_create_a_project
      Illuminate\Database\QueryException: could not find driver (SQL: PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON;)

    I already configured my settings from MENU -> PHP -> Extensions and enabled sqlite3.

    Am using Laravel 5.8 and am on windows

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    @leonardpbdigital :

    1. Can you show phpinfo() that the sqlite driver enabled?
    2. Are you sure the TDD use sqlite as default database?

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    Go to the folder .../laragon/bin/php/php-xxx and edit php.ini. Uncomment the line 'extension=pdo_sqlite'

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    @livinglight Thanks, It works for me.

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