After using terminal command tutorial for resetting MySQL password, all WP sites no longer connect to database.

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    After following using the instructions here: I managed to reset the password fine, but now all my WP sites are now broken.

    I've already checked the normal reasons for this error, but neither apply, all sites just say "error connecting to database" but the database credentials are correct and the database is running with all the correct tables.

    As the normal reasons for this error aren't providing a solution, I have no idea how to even troubleshoot this now. Any help or suggestions on how I can find out what's causing the issue would be highly appreciated.

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    @Gibsonion : Are you sure you reset and update right information to your WP config?
    If not, just try use Laragon tool Menu > MySQL > Reset root password and then update your wp-config.php properly.

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    I already tried that. Unfortunately due to the fact that the irrelevant information is displayed first on that page, I didn't see the more simple reset method until it was too late.

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