Getting Laragon to work with latest W10 1903 update to oneDrive

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    Since I updated to W10 1903 Laragon is unable to run from my oneDrive. I have tried both the portable and the full installation without success. Of course, I mark both installations as "Aways keep this folder in my computer" in oneDrive to avoid sync issues

    Portable version returns a "No input file specified." error in the default index.php file
    Full installation version returns:
    Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

    Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required 'E:/oneDrive/laragon/www/index.php' (include_path='.;E:/oneDrive/laragon/etc/php/pear') in Unknown on line 0

    I would very much welcome any kind of help. Thank you

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    Test mark the OneDrive folder as 100% available offline.

    OneDrive now has the option to "free up space" while keeping Online only.

    Or create a subfolder in OneDrive, C:\Users\MyAwesomeName\OneDrive\Sources and mark it as Offline, so you will always have all files on disk.

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    I've tried that without success :/

    I even redownloaded everything from oneDrive on my secondary computer to test and didn't work either

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    Any other options to be attempted? I'm sadly still stuck with this

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    I'm also very much interested in this, since I'm also getting the same error with Windows 10 most recent version 1903. Note, that the issue is only present, when I point 'www' directory to OneDrive too. When I point 'data' directory only to OneDrive, then it seems everything works fine.

    The funny thing is (which I hope may also be a pointer), that the same error happened when using XAMPP, which resulted in researching alternatives, and finding Laragon – this great tool.

    I'll try if the issue is also present with Google Drive, or is specific to OneDrive only, and will let you know.

    Kind regards,
    Márton Lente

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    Any update to this by any chance?

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    Ran into this too. Annoying but I've managed to get it working by keeping the default root directory and creating a symlink in OneDrive that targets it.

    Just set the root directory back to the default in Laragon, open the Windows command prompt (run as administrator), and enter the following, replacing the first path in quotes with whatever you want to create as the directory in OneDrive:

    mklink /d "C:\Users<username>\OneDrive\Projects" "C:\laragon\www"

    Also seems to work best if I do use the auto virtual hosts feature.

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    @WiNG I got this to work by simply downloading php version 7.3.13 and changing that to the default.

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