Cannot access multiple sites on LAN

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    Hello, Is there a way to access multiple servers on our LAN? I didn't use ngrok because I only need it in our LAN environment and our network actually doesn't allow access to and such. I also cannot configure our DNS because the server is handled by our parent company.

    I managed to access my laravel site(site1) after I switched from Apache to Nginx and added my IP address on the server name on auto.site1.test.conf -> (access through lan by http://IPaddress:8080) I then tried the same on site2 but of course it doesn't work. I tried changing the port of site2 by editing (Listen 8080 to 80), it worked but that isn't what we want because we would like to host more than 2 sites on the server.

    So my questions are:
    1) Is there another way to access the 2nd site without changing port?
    2)Is it possible to remove the port 8080 on the address bar? (changed nginx's port to 80 in preferences, but then i can still only access the site 1 through the address. I cannot access using something like http:IPaddress/site1 or site2)
    3)How can I also access phpMyAdmin through LAN?

    Thank you for taking the time to read.

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