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    Hello, I have been using Bitnami Wordpress stack for local development and when I discovered Laragon, I was very impressed to using this environment for local development but I have a WordPress project that I have been developing for almost 3 years now using Bitnami Windows Stack. I tried migrating my project to Laragon but the CSS of my site got broken.
    I tried so many ways to make it work but I could not get any positive results. I wish you assist me to get this done because I really want to use Laragon for localhost development projects

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    Hi @Luqmanr664 : If you use Laragon's Pretty Url, please remember to update the siteurl:

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    Hey @Luqmanr664,

    As a former Bitnami user myself, I can relate. I think it would helpful to know what exactly about the CSS that's broken. Can you share screenshots of the errors that you're seeing, what you're doing to load your CSS, etc?

    What you might try doing is loading the default WordPress installation that Laragon provides out of the box and compare that with your code base to see if there are any significant differences. Sometimes, the bug in question might just be right under your nose. I can't count the number of times that's happened to me. Lol!

    Alternatively, you could also try just installing WordPress and overwriting only the wp-content folder with your site's wp-content folder or maybe just the theme and plugin folders.

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    Try to check URL in your DB. Maybe some screenshot so we could actually you are facing.

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