Will Laragon run if Wamp already installed?

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    Hi there,

    Am super keen to try Laragon and am looking to move all my existing local sites from Wamp. I just wanted to know if it is possible to download Laragon (full version) - test it and still work on my Wamp 3 environment? Will there be any issues with Wamp and will older versions of of things like NPM, Node, gitbash (with Cwygin) etc will still work if I need to run them on older projects before I migrate everything to Laragon?

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    From my experience...

    There shouldn't be any issues, I was using usbwebserver prior and still have it installed and both apps works fine with the other installed.

    I should note that I am using Laragon full version on a USB pen and running node/npm without any real issues. If you are installing to the desktop instead there may be some issues with version control of Node but you can sort that out with a NVC if needed.

    I would recommend that you work off a USB pen with laragon as the node installation from laragon is to the laragon bin folder and not to the PC which should stop the version control issue. If you are using VScode to... well code in then you may want to look at my post to configure the Laragon version of vscode to use the Node,js on laragon for debug as it will use the one installed on the pc instead by default.

    for the record running the full version of laragon with node.js, vscode, cmder, mysql is super fast off a decent usb pen (even in a usb 2 port), no lag issues and no vscode closing down errors like i had when I was using portableApps usbwebserver + node.js (gareth flowers edition) + vscode. I actually have laragon running through portableapps due to other apps that I use and its amazing.

    hope that helps


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    @zenonline that's great, thank you! I downloaded everything to an external hardrive and it seems to work just fine...and so much easier then setting up wampserver!

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    Glad to have helped Marco, incidentally I have 2 versions of Node running of my pendrive , one installed via laragon (v12.2) which I edit in VS code that was installed via laragon (*code app to install )and another via portableApps (search for Gareth Flowers version (V5.7) which is also edited in a different VSCode which is in the portable apps folder and gareth flowers has also done a portable apps version of that (although I just used the started download folder and plonked it in but you can get that version from https://github.com/garethflowers/vscode-portable/releases/tag/latest-v1.0.1).

    TBH The Laragon variants seem superior to me both in version numbers, speed and stability but it was more than good enough for me before I found laragon but is handy as a fallback and potentially testing (once I get that far)



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