Laragon 2.0 Release Announcement (1-click sharing with ngrok, 1-click create any website/project, php-fpm,...)

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    • Released: 2016-07-08
      I am so excited to announce the release of Laragon 2.0
      This release has many features, some of them you will not find elsewhere:

    • 1-click sharing your projects to the Internet with ngrok: Just click Menu > ngrok > {PROJECT}, it will be shared to the Internet, url is automatically copied to the Clipboard. You can share as many projects as you wish at the same time :)

    • 1-click creating any websites/projects: Want a Wordpress site?, just click Menu > Quick create > Wordpress, Laragon will create correspond database, download, extract, generate pretty url,... You get what you want effortlessly in a few minutes!!!
      You can add/edit/delete any sites in Menu > Quick create > Configuration (Ref: Format)
      Laragon can handle 7z, tar.gz, zip or composer. Believe or not, Laragon can create a Laravel project in LESS THAN A MINUTE. Just try it: Menu > Quick create > Laravel 7z

    • Apply php-fpm to Apache: From version 2.0, Laragon won't use mod_php any more. This is not true with Laragon 2.0.2, Laragon 2.0.2 works with both mod_php (PHP Thread Safe) and php-fpm (PHP Non Thread Safe).
      mod_php for compatibility. However, Apache + php_fpm will boost performance and reduce much of memory consumption.

    • Auto-configuration, fully support 32-bit & 64-bit services: Laragon bundles with 32-bit services for portability. However, you can replace them with your favorite 64-bit services easily.

    • Auto generate SSL certificates: Port 443 will be disabled by default. If you want to use SSL, just enable it at Menu > Apache > SSL. When using SSL, Laragon will auto generate correspond SSL certificates (to --> {LARAGON_ROOT}\etc\ssl) and auto update your Virtual Hosts.

    • Improve 'Auto create virtual hosts' feature: Each project has each own VirtualHost file located in {LARAGON_ROOT}\etc\apache2\sites-enabled\auto.{project}.dev.conf (to be compatible with Ubuntu)
      Content of a conf file is auto generated. If you have a specific project that has different format, just remove the auto. prefix, Laragon will keep the file intact.
      VirtualHost format is configurable, you can change it by modify the template in {LARAGON_ROOT}\usr\tpl\VirtualHost.tpl
      Note: usr folder is where you keep your own configurations, Laragon will respect your changes on any files in the folder.

    • Add some entries in Windows Explorer's Context Menu to access Text Editor & use Terminal quickly and easily:
      "Edit with Sublime Text" (available when right click on a file), "Open Folder in Sublime Text" + "Terminal" (available when right click on a folder or click somewhere else)

    • Support multiple languages: special thanks to @marcelloh, @ClausMunch, @HPKpl, @heyyoyo, @dhanzs, @elcheffe, @hidonet, @sgodoy, @lcdss

    • Support MySQL JSON Data Type: Laragon goes with MySQL 5.7.13 to support JSON Data Type, but you can switch to MariaDB easily if you wish.
      Laragon 2.0 also bundles with the newest apps/services: Apache 2.4.23, MySQL 5.7.13, PHP 7.0.8, Node.js 6.3, npm 3.10.3, phpMyAdmin 4.6.3,...

    • Support Multiple Document Roots: You can store your working projects on either your laptop, USBs, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive,..

    There are other improvements, I will update later....

    Some images:

    1. Share to outside with ngrok:

    2. ngrok running interface when sharing & shared url is automatically copied to clipboard:

    1. Quick create website/project:

    2. Quick create a Laravel project from an online compress link (Laravel 7z):
      For example: a project name laraproj:

    3. Switch between MySQL forks & Reset MySQL root password:

    4. "Edit with Sublime Text" in Windows Explorer's Context Menu:

    5. "Open Folder in Sublime Text" & "Terminal" in Windows Explorer's Context Menu (when right click in a folder or background)

    6. Multiple Document Roots:

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    Thanks for providing very good php dev server on earth.

    Keep it up.

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    Congratulation for this major release. And thank you for creating this web app development software. From the first time I tried Laragon, I was hooked.

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    @leokhoa Thanks for the Laragon 2.0 release. For those like me who couldn't find the option to create Laravel 4 projects, you need to enable it in the configuration file (sites.conf). This is how you can do it.


    This will open sites.conf. Remove the three '#' to uncomment line 28. Done!

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    @leokhoa This is a dream for whom develops on Windows plataform. Thank you!

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