Mysql Can Not Start : Can't Create Test File

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    Hello Everyone,

    I tried Laragon Portable (which seems much more fast and reliable than uwamp for now !), and I want to use my workflow this way :

    I have My Google Drive account synced as a Network Drive (G:) using the program RaiDrive. I want to store the www folder and the mysql on a folder on Google Drive so my data is always in sync between my 2 computers. For the www folder, it worked right away, but for mysql it gaves me this error (in the screenshot i try syncing it to my desktop as explained above) :

    alt text

    At first i thinked that it was because the poor performance of accessing a cloud drive mounted as a virtual network drive, but i tried again puting the mysql data on a local folder on my computer and had the same error.

    If i manually copy the mysql "data" folder in the program to the new synced folder it seems to work (i have no error messages), but in fact Laragon continues to use the default location (laragon/bin/mysql/...) instead of the new folder

    Do you have a clue of what i need to do ? Your help will be greatly appreciated

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    @alexec2 : You can update the DataDir in Menu > Preferences to the new location.

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