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    Hello could I have some advice please. I seem to be having some issues with moving a wordpress site from its live server to laragon. What is the best process to do this. At the moment I have created a wordpress site on laragon and then replaced the files and database with the live site files. Im quite happy to move files over and change the config file / database options details etc. i think the issue is to do with the ssl and I suspect the https urls. many thnaks in advance.

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    Hi @MondoRay. I've created a local copy of a live site using Laragon.
    For example, my live site is, and I created a local copy at https://cmljnelson.test.
    You're right that you need to copy the live site's files and database, but I'd load the database last, after you've confirmed everything else is ok.
    Here's what I'd do (some of which you've already done):

    1. Use Laragon to create a new local WordPress website, (like cmljnelson.test)
    2. Copy the live site's files (everything under wp-content) to the new Laragon site
    3. Copy the live site's wp-config.php too, but you'll probably need to change the database settings (DB_NAME to the name of the local database that Laragon should have created for you automatically, and DB_USER to "root" and DB_PASSWORD to "")
    4. Load your live site's DB to your local database
    5. Use WP CLI search-replace command to change all the references to your old site to the new one. eg wp search-replace cmljnelson.test

    If you leave Laragon's Mailcatcher on, it will make sure you don't accidentally send any emails from this local test site. However, there may be other settings (like premium plugin license keys, or traffic analytics keys) you should adjust on your local site.

    That should be it.

    But really, other than setting up the local site with Laragon, what you're doing is creating a local staging (or development) site. Plugins like Migrate DB Pro specialize in helping with that and I'm sure they have some good instructions/tools, if my suggestion is insufficient.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for that. really helpful. Looks like I had a couple of issues. 1 being the urls and the 2nd being a conflict with revslider.


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    Here's the guide that will help you in creating staging WordPress website and moving from staging to live:

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