Putting wget into the bin directory

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    I had to install wget into a path enabled folder on my C Drive as it was not installed.
    To maintain portability is there a way to put wget into the bin directory in the same way as for example notepad++ and sublime?

    I can get this to work if I put wget.exe in the root of the /bin directory but I was looking to put into its own "wget" folder like sublime etc are done to be neater.


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    @danraymond : To make it more portable, you can put wget.exe to your usr\bin dir (C:\laragon\usr\bin). Benefits:

    • When you install Laragon to another machine, just copy your usr dir and you have all tools you want.
    • There are only your wanted utilities in usr\bin so I don't think you need to make its own folder.

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    Thank you.

    If I wanted to put it in a named folder in the /usr/bin directory how to get that to work (tried , it failed)

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