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    HI, I downloaded and ran the program last night. I was doing good until all of a sudden I had to login again, and now i am locked out. It does not recognize password or my email address now.

    When it happened: i had installed wordpress, then 'all in one migrate plugin'. Just after i Imported my site, when i clicked the link to change permalinks, i had to sign in.

    I had saved my password, it should have taken. I typed it several times as well.

    What i may have done wrong? While downloading Website file. I was deleting excess images and folders from PhotoShop folders on my hard drive.

    However, it looks like i accidentally deleted a few other things as well. I managed to get my Photos Folder back and what was on my desktop. While i looked in every folder first, it is possible i accidentally deleted one of yours?


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    @mauiweb : Did you manage to try "Lost your password"?

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    Yes, right off. It does not recognize my email either. I am thinking of deleting if i can and starting over, as i did not get very far.

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    Do i have to delete the whole program from the computer and re download Laragon? Will that let me start over?

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    @mauiweb : I'm not sure. As Laragon is portable, you can install another instance of Laragon to another location then try.

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    Hey @mauiweb,

    How's it going?

    I've got good news for you! You don't have to delete anything.

    Instead, here's what you should do:

    1. Pull up the database via the Heidi SQL program, which you can access simply by clicking on the "Database" button.

    2. Once the Heidi SQL window pops up, double-click on the little box that says "Laragon" near the top-left-hand corner.

    3. After that, click on the database name, which will also be the same name as the folder you created for your WordPress site in the Laragon root directory.

    4. Once you do that, look for a table name called "wp_users" and click that. You'll see several rows prefixed with "user_". What you're looking to do is to change "user_pass" to something simple like 1234, which you can reset to something more complex as soon as you log into your site.

    5. Look for a tab above the table called "Data" and click that. You'll see that there's an extremely long, ugly string of characters under the 'user_pass' column. Don't just enter another password and save it though because that won't actually work. You have to encrypt the password using the MD5 algorithm for WordPress to actually use and accept it as a legit password.

    6. How do we do that? Click on the "Query" tab to the right and copy and paste this MySQL query:

    UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5('1234') WHERE user_login = 'enter_your_username_here';

    After you do that, head to yoursite.test/wp-login.php, enter your username and 1234 as the password, and then reset your password to something more secure, which WordPress will automatically do for you if you click on the "Generate Password" button on the user profile page. And if you're not using one already, I would recommend using a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane to help you manage your passwords. Good luck!

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    I only got to #2. See attachment. I started to put the password right here where it says password, however I do not see Data tab mentioned in #5, etc.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Hey @mauiweb,

    You need to double-click on "Laragon" first (sorry for not making that clear initially!) and then you'll see the list of databases I was referring to. Look for the one that has the same name as your project folder in "C:\laragon\www", click it, and then look for the "Data" tab in the panel on the right and click that.

    If that still isn't clear, I'll make a quick walkthrough video and post the link here sometime next week.

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    : the @maxxheth said in Locked out:

    Thank You! However it is not working.
    I did what you said. I even used the same 1234.

    Maybe it is my usernames?

    It shows in Query now... with the original username and email-not the ones i created last week. I must have downloaded Laragon a few years ago for another of my sites-i see that url as well.

    In the copy/paste i used the username that it showed, not the one i used earlier to download WP. (well i did both, however, neither worked) Was i supposed to use same passwords and usernames as my original site, when i was installing WP? I did not, i created new ones.

    I visit the site from Laragon just fine at first, I downloaded "the all in one migration plugin" and imported my Site, as I am migrating a site to change themes and update everything. I am fine until, i get to the permalinks page and have to sign in.
    (I cannot see if this is still typing?)(i did it twice)

    I am trying a lost password, however it will not recognize the email i used last week, only the one it had on file. However it is not sending me a email to change password.

    UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5('1234') WHERE user_login = '.......';

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    Hi @mauiweb , did you manage to resolved your issue?

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    @mauiweb Sorry I haven't replied...been really busy with client work as of late. Anyhow, try installing a brand-new WordPress site using Laragon's installer and go through the steps I laid out above again. When you properly encrypt the password using the MD5 function, it always works without fail if you do it correctly.

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