Laragon Portable Apache Failed to Start

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    Hello I just stumbling around find better wamp stack recently, i need fast and multiple php support with easy to setup apps, and most lightweight wamp server are abandoned, so here I come, found this apps.
    I download the portable version, and all setting is easy , nice one on this.
    Oke, my next step was add apache (2.4.8 64bit VC15) and PHP (php-7.3.8-nts-Win32-VC15-x64), and when I start the service, error on Apache, (pop up appeared)
    alt text
    I try everything i could, make sure all version match on VC build and OS architecture, but error persisted
    the strange part is that I could not find any error log on this (on apache or laragon log), except on the pop windows , and the pop up windows is truncated so i cant see all the complete sentences.
    please help me.....

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    I just notice that mod_fcgid on this path:

    should be same with VC build version with my setup I mentioned before

    seems on portable version, packages configuration under quickadd menus should be match (version, build and etc) with the laragon setting itself.

    now my apache worked, thank you

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