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    I am new at Laragon and updating my sites Offline.

    I want to upgrade my site and change my theme. Can i not upload a theme?

    Last week i tried- twice, after installing WP and using the 'all in one migration pluggin' to upload my site and i get locked out at the Permalinks stage. It wants me to sign in again, and neither my login that i just used or my email works. (i submitted a ticket-Locked Out-)

    So this time, i thought i would simply start over, and not bother using my last theme. After installing WP, i tried to upload my New Theme and there is no upload button.

    I am told to use installed themes or use WP.org. (Same as Xampp)

    I want to use the theme i just purchased. I had tried to use Xampp before on a different project and recognize the same, unable to UPLOAD. Can i use FTP somehow?


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    Ok, i got it to work.

    Not sure what or why, but when i signed back in and went back to change theme page, the Upload Button was there.
    All Good now. Thanks

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