Laragon doesn't create new "pretty URLs"

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    I created a new folder in C:/laragon/www with a php file inside, but when I run Laragon, it doesn't create any new URL... And I don't know how to access the page without it.
    Why won't it work ?
    Any ideas or suggestions ?

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    @lenarms : Some images will be more clear.
    If your folder is app1, you can access http://app1.test

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    Here you go
    So, step-by-step

    0_1565964753007_laragon_bug1.png )

    I run Laragon as admin


    I press the "Start" button


    The new folders I created are called "galerie" and "test", they appear in this sub-menu


    But no URL

    Is it clearer ?

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    I see no galerie.test in your hosts file - maybe you need scroll down.
    Btw, I see no image illustrates it doesn't work.

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    As the scrollbar in hosts file reached to the lowest possible position, it is safe to say that there is no galerie.test entry present in his hosts file. Maybe somehow hosts file is not accessible and not being written by Laragon.

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