Laragon vhosting not working any more on windows 8

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    Hi everyone,

    I am facing a strange problem I did not have a few weeks ago before a windows update took place.
    I am working on a windows 8.1 machine and my vhosts do not work any more with laragon. Everything is in place (vhost xxx in sites-enabled directory) but if I want to go to http://xxx.test it does send me straight back to localhost.
    If I write
    phpinfo(); exit;
    in the index.php of the root directory of my vhost it does not show the phpinfo screen but send me back to localhost instead.
    Furthermore if I ping the vhost it does give me as mentioned in the hosts file.
    So I assume the problem comes from Apache but I have not go a clew on how to solve it.
    Please help
    Thanks in advance.

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