Not a right MYSQL path!

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    With much promise and anticipation for a fast and well-featured local server for WordPress work, I downloaded the most recent version of Laragon and installed it and got this error message. I then uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same message.
    Can anyone help me? I dislike Desktop Server and loathe Local and really want to love Laragon! I've read such good things about it.

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    @ibowden : After installing - did you check the path exists?
    Btw, is your OS 32-bit?

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    After delving deeper into this I found the root of my problem: A long-time-ago installation of Laragon that I'd tried out and abandoned. After uninstalling, wiping out the whole c:/laragon directory, and then reinstalling, everything now works as it should - and my optimism is restored!

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    I did check the path and it did exist, but the mysqld.exe program wasn't there, so I copied it into that directory and things still didn't work.
    Nope. 64-bit.
    As noted, I am up and running and believe the root of the problem was a past install of Laragon that didn't clean up properly after being uninstalled.
    Thanks for the response.

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